abouT my tratschtantchen<3
  üBa deN maRco<3
  ueba mein suechen<3


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my heArt talked 2 me now...


doNt´t know wHat I shaLl [cute] & [loVely]....

but does it make sense?!

yes it did..

sHow me tHat iT´s gOnNa geT qReaT witH u,

it was the greatest time oF my life untiL now.

tHat u jusT can say notHinq & it´s althouqh qreat da b witH u, 

it was unbelievabLe...

tHat i geT a goOse-flesh (=qaensehaut<3) wHen i juSt seE u,

i qot it.

make it prickle in my belLy jUst wHen I hear yoUr name....

..and how it prickled in my belLy..

tHen I know iT´s tHe perFecT timE 2 say yEs

buT now it's oVer..can't we start aT tHe beginNinq?! 

29.12.06 10:46

...buT you're not here..u are on sucH a daMn party...

buT haVe fun. witHout me.

i'm soRry.


31.12.06 22:20

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